Assalamualaikum and Hii y'olss! xx

Miss me aite? ok i know i know hahaha ;p It's been awhile since i'm not updating, I've go through a lot of things! Seriously like this all was too much. Ughh i can't handle it, like gimme a break pls.. Hm nasib baik dah berhenti kerja and now sambung belajar pula course Diploma in Mechanical Engineering *dah potong rambut* :p . I just finish my first semester exam fyi. Alhamdulillah this time my result are so much better. I am so happy! Thanks to myself ahaha ok not funneh. I only get 3 papers, and 1 A-'s and 2 of em i get B+'s! So now i'm waiting for the other papers. Nervous x

Ok nuff said, idk wht to write now. Awkward je rasa bila dah lama tk update blog, confirm my followers semua lari tk nak baca my blog dah. Hm but tht's ok, bcs i've never wanted for ppl to read my blog. I just want to just write and express everything's here! Hope y'all won't mind. Thank you x


  1. gudluck n terus success k
    do visit n follow mine ok

  2. Thanks masmira . Done visit and follow you :)