Underwater photography in your den

You don't need scuba gear to take good underwater photos.In fact,you don't even have to know how to swim.Aquariums provide excellent underwater photo opportunities.Whether you are capturing an elusive goldfish at home or tackling a large shark at a commercial aquarium,you can do it easily and never get wet.Snorkels are optional.

To shoot underwater aquarium photos,you need a camera and a handheld flash.Your lens must be capable of focusing on your subject.In a commercial aquarium,a normal lens should work.At home,working with a small fish tank,a macro lens is in order.The flash you use must be in a remote location,triggered by a PC cord or a hot shoe.It is helpful to have a polarizing filter on your lens.You should also keep a small container of glass cleaner and a rag or towel on hand.If the glass of the aquarium is dirty,you must clean it to get great shots.

When you are ready for your aquatic photo session,make sure that your lens is touching the glass of the aquarium.The head of your flash should also touch the glass.Focus and fire.That's all there is to it.The key is getting your lens and flash both pressed tightly to the glass.When you are working with a small home aquarium,you may have to light your subjects from the side to avoid bounce-back flash.One other solution to this problem is to install a non-reflective background on the inside,back glass of the aquarium.

The neat thing about aquarium photography is that you have your own little contained studio.If you want pictures of crab,you simply put crabs in the aquarium.With a little landscaping,you can make the tank look like natural habitat.Trips to commercial aquariums will allow you to take pictures of a variety of fish and sea life.This is a lot of fun on a rainy day.

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