Studio strobes:Faster than a speeding bullet

When I say that studio strobe flashes are faster than a speeding bullet,I mean it.This type of lighting system,combined with a camera that offers a fast shutter speed,can literally stop a bullet in midair.No, I'm not suggesting that you shoot the lights and watch them explode on impact.And whatever you do,don't stand in front of an oncoming bullet with your camera to photograph it,ha ha!Studio strobes are very powerful electronic flash units.Studio strobes are sold in various power ratings,but they are all much more powerful than any on-camera strobe/flash.Studio strobes can stop all sorts of motion without the risk of blurred images.If you plan to convert a spare bedroom,basement,or attic into a studio,you should give serious consideration to buying some studio strobes.This type of lighting is not cheap,but you can get name-brand lights that do a wonderful job for reasonable prices.

INSIDER TIP : For less than $500,you can frequently find kits that include at least two flash heads,sometimes three,light stands,umbrellas,a carrying case,and other accessories.Anyone with an interest in studio photography can benefit from these semi-pro lighting kits.If you decide to use this type of lighting,invest in a good light meter that takes flash readings.Otherwise,you will suffer trial-and-error exposure ratings that will be very frustrating.

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