Ring lights for close-up photography

Ring lights are specialty flashes used with macro lenses when taking close-up pictures.These units often consist of a sensor that mounts in the hot shoe of a camera,a battery pack,and the flash attachment.The flash mounts on the ring of a lens,similar to the way a filter is mounted.Since the flash element surrounds the lens,it gives good,even illumination of your subject.Some models,like the one I have,allow you to disable one-half of the ring for creative photography.Other models fire all at one time.For documentary photography of close-ups,ring lights can't be beaten.
A ring light would not normally be used for anything other than documentary work.Taking a picture of a human model with a ring light used for flash would result in a bright,well-lit photograph that would probably be boring.Ring lights bring out extensive detail in subjects.This is usually not desirable when photographing people or pets.If you don't chase after grasshoppers,mushrooms,and wildflowers,you shouldn't need a ring light.

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