Picking a brand name that you can stick with

When you choose a particular brand of camera to build a component system around,you must be judicious.Once you start with a brand,you should stick with it.There are many brands of cameras available that will give you professional-quality photos.Some brands offer more lenses and accessories than others do.this is important to a person who is building an extensive system.

When i think of professional 35mm equipment,three brand names come to mind,Nikon,Pentax and Sigma.Other manufacturers of 35mm equipment get some professional attention,but there are clearly two,or maybe three,leaders.In medium-format equipment,one name is king,while others are also respected.You don't have to buy into the best-known brands to get good service and quality,but it doesn't hurt.the important thing is to pick a brand that you can grow with.

How will you know that what brand of camera to work with?Many factors may play a role in your decision.the amount of money you are willing to spend for various types of equipment is one consideration.Top-notch names command big prices.You can go with a lesser-known name and get good quality for a lower price.But make sure that your budget-minded purchase has enough lenses and accessories available to keep life interesting as your skills and interests grow.

Before you buy a camera body,do some research.Look at a listing of what accessories are available within the brand.Check prices on the various brands.If you can see that there is a depth of support accessories and that you are comfortable with the price ranges,you're well on your way to picking a brand.Handle various cameras and operate them in the camera store.Have someone at the store run through all of the controls with you.When you buy your first camera body,you set the tone for your entire system.Don't buy until you are sure that you like the brand.

Generic lenses can be used on most camera bodies,but this is somewhat self-defeating.Why pay a small fortune for a professional camera body and then attach a dime-store lens to it?This doesn't make sense.Your lenses have a tremendous impact on the quality of your photographs.Try to keep all of your purchases within the same brand.This will normally produce the best results.

Top-notch lenses made by camera manufacturers will usually fit only one brand of camera.For example,a Canon lens will not work on a Nikon camera.This being the case,you must venture into lesser-known names to get supplemental lenses that are not made by the manufacturer of your camera body.Many accessory lenses can produce good photos,but your best images will probably come from lenses made by your camera manufacturer.

If you're looking for a medium- or large-format camera,you can't go wrong with a Hasselblad.This name is well-known among professional photographers.Mamiya is a good brand to get into,and so is Bronica.To buy these types of cameras,you need deep pockets that are filled with money.Most casual photographers don't need to go to this expense to obtain fulfillment from their hobby.However,if you want to,any of these brands will serve you well,and brands like Pentax can also meet your needs.

The durability and smooth functioning of big-name cameras is a primary reason why they are so expensive.Also,the lens elements ( pieces of curved glass that refract light and funnel it to a destination ) in lenses,as well as their coatings,contribute to higher prices.

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