You and your camera

Photography combines two different areas of skill.On the one hand,you need to develop an ability to see creatively,identifying interesting and appealing visual aspects of the world around you.But you also need the ability to translate these photographic ideas into pictures.The camera can become efficient servants of your creative impulse-if you learn how to use them.You will handle a camera more confidently if you have a clear understanding of the basic relationship between light and camera.Try to develop a close familiarity with your own camera also,so that using its controls becomes second nature.The functions and operation of these controls are explained here,but you must study your own camera to see how the principles can be most effectively applied.Finally,consider your camera in relation to the type of photographs you intend to take.Know the limitations of your equipment and work within them.You will need a camera with a fast shutter to freeze rapid movement,for example.But if you already have one why not go and find some exciting action so as to test the camera's fastest speed?Photography is most enjoyable when you have equipment that extends slightly beyond your current capabilities or needs.As your skill grows,you will value the greater versatility your camera provides.


  1. waaa susha rupanya nak jadi fotographer ni