you,the photographer

Good photographs come from developing an eye for a picture not from using banks of powerful studio lights,whirring motor-drives,or two-foot-long telephoto lenses.Success requires no more than the ability to make the esential creative leap from what you see to what will work as a photographic image.The secret of doing this is to train the eye to see image that will give pleasure when they are taken out of the complex,confused, and constantly shifting world and made into photographs isolated by their frames.

   Experienced photographers become adept at identifying interesting image largely because they spend a great deal of time looking through the viewfinders of their cameras.Anyone can learn to see pictures in the same way.Look through the viewfinder frequently,even when you do not intend to take a picture.Concentrate on what you can actually see in the frame and how the shapes or colors there work together.You can practice this way of seeing even when you do not have a camera with you.

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