Macro lenses make mountains out of molehills

If you like the idea of taking pictures of insects and other small objects,you should invest in a macro lens.Close-focusing lenses let you get pictures of small objects,but they can't compare with a macro lens.Many photographers use close-up filter attachments for occasional close-up work.However,if you plan to spend much of your time taking aim at little creatures,buy a macro lens.
When a macro lens is coupled with the extension tube that is usually suplied with the lens,you can get incredible close-up photos.You can photograph a watermelon seed and make a work of art out of it.Ever want a picture of the eye structure of a house fly?You can get it when you shoot with a powerful macro lens.
Macro lens are designed to focus in extremely close-up situations.A coma,or aberration,is less likely to occur in close-up work when a true macro lens is used.In addition,a macro lens can also be used as a regular lens.If you have 50mm macro lens,you don't need a standard 50mm lens.A 100mm macro lens is,in my opinion,the ideal one to choose.This one lens gives you a close-up lens,a potrait lens,and a short telephoto lens all in one package.

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