35mm,the choice of champions

The most versatile type of camera that you can buy is a 35mm format.You can do almost anything with this type of rig.Large- and medium-format cameras have certain advantages over 35mm units,but the handy 35mm is by far the more popular.This popularity is well-founded.
A quality 35mm camera can be outfitted with lenses that range from fisheye to super telephoto.You can install macro lenses,bellows,auto winders,high-powered electronic flashes,and other accessories.With the camera set up properly,you can photograph any subject successfully.You can even mount a 35mm camera on a microscope or telescope for exciting and unusual pictures.
What makes the 35mm system so desirable?It is lightweight and easy to use.The cost of 35mm equipment is much less than that of larger format.You can equip a 35mm camera body with a wide-range zoom lens and meet most of your photo needs without ever changing lenses.Many zoom lenses incorporate a close-up feature in the lens so that you can shoot anything from insects to airplanes with the same lens.
If you want to get serious about photography and build a component system,the 35mm format will most likely be the best choice.As long as you buy into a major brand name,you will find a seemingly endless supply of accessories to add to your collection.Gee,I wonder if manufactures planned it this way? Here are some of the goodies you might buy:

  • A camera body
  • Interchangeable,fixed-focal-length lenses
  • Interchangeable zoom lenses
  • Lens filters
  • Electronic flash
  • Independent light meter
  • Tripod
  • Monopod
  • Macro lens
Of course,you don't have to buy everything at once,and you don't need everything on this list.A camera body and lens is all you need to get started.Build your system slowly,as your interests and needs define themselves.

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